Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles

When what began as a harmless adventure into recreational drug use takes a turn toward dependency it is time to consider an outpatient drug rehabilitation program. While severe and entrenched drug addictions are best treated in an inpatient rehab program, addictions caught in the early stages can be effectively treated in an outpatient setting. Early intervention into drug dependency through outpatient drug rehab can offer a much better long-term outcome.

Outpatient programs and sober living services are also a valuable resource for those individuals who have successfully completed an inpatient treatment program but need a step-down program that offers continuing support after discharge. The continuity in counseling services, group meetings, and continuing education offer many benefits to all who genuinely strive to remain clean and sober.

Benefits of an Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles

Addiction is a stealthy foe, sneaking up without warning and hijacking one’s will. Maybe it started with an innocent prescription of opioid painkillers after surgery, or incrementally ramping up the use of a benzodiazepine prescribed for insomnia. Once tolerance increases, people will begin to also increase their use of a drug to achieve the same result. Suddenly, dependency has developed.

Our busy lives are filled with non-stop commitments and responsibilities that make inpatient treatment unfeasible. An outpatient treatment program offers many treatment services that can provide many benefits, including:

• Individuals are able to remain at home during treatment

• Individuals can still work or attend school, although a reduced schedule

• Outpatient services provide more privacy and discretion

• Outpatient services cost a fraction of inpatient services

• Individual can enjoy the local support of family

• An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be as effective as an inpatient program

What Services Does Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles Offer?

Outpatient rehab offers a comprehensive list of multidisciplinary support services that work together to help the individual conquer drug dependency. Most of the treatment services of a quality outpatient facility are the same as what is included in inpatient and residential drug and alcohol treatment, but with a reduced time commitment. In most cases, outpatient programs average between 9-15 hours per week, with as little as six hours and as much as 25 hour time commitments.

Outpatient support and treatment services often include:

Individual therapy, typically utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy

• Group therapy, promoting peer-to-peer interactions and support

• Fellowship groups, such as 12-step or non 12-step meetings

• Ongoing relapse prevention education and planning

Medication Management and Pharmacological treatment, for tapering or a co-occurring mental health condition

• Drug and alcohol education

• Life skills, including goal planning and job-seeking support

• Coordinating with legal representatives for DUI or other offenses related to addiction

• Holistic therapies, such as yoga classes or art therapy

Sober living provisions or referrals

How Effective are Outpatient Programs?

Not only do outpatient drug rehabilitation programs offer flexibility and the opportunity to continue working, but studies show they may be as effective as an inpatient program for early stage substance use disorders. A 2014 study entitled Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Programs: Assessing the Evidence examined the effectiveness of the IOP in addiction treatment. The results supported the value and efficacy of these high level outpatient programs, concluding “They are as effective as inpatient treatment for most individuals. Public and commercial health plans should consider IOP services as a covered health benefit.” [authors cited in attached link]

Because outpatient programs can be ongoing, the duration of support and care are extended beyond the typical 30-day inpatient program’s duration. This allows the individual new in recovery to access ongoing aftercare services as a step-down, or as a continual program for an outpatient participant. Outpatient rehab can provide important treatment and support with the least amount of disruption to daily life, while still being highly effective.

Honey Recovery Provides Quality Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles

Honey Recovery Center is a leading drug rehabilitation Los Angeles, California, serving multiple communities in the surrounding area. Honey Recovery delivers highly effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, detox, and sober living resources, offering hope for those struggling with a substance use disorder. For more information about our program and a free insurance check, please contact Honey Recovery Center today at (844) 472-1777.