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Rehab Facility for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Helping Those in Los Angeles Communities

When considering taking the important step to get help for drug or alcohol dependency one of the first decisions to be made is which level of care to seek—inpatient or outpatient.  Treatment professionals who provide an extensive intake assessment regarding the length of time and severity of the substance use disorder are trained to direct a client toward the appropriate level of care.

For those who have a less severe substance use disorder or simply cannot steal away for a month or longer from work and family obligations, an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) can be a valid treatment option.  Outpatient detox and drug counseling and rehab facility in Los Angeles can provide a high quality addiction treatment program that meshes with lifestyle limitations and for a significantly lower cost.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling in Los Angeles

Counseling is an intrinsic treatment component in most IOP programs, and is conducted in both individual and group settings.  A trained and licensed therapist acts as a guide who will lead clients through a process of self-discovery that helps identify the sources of pain, trauma, loss, and abuse that may be at the root of the addiction.  Although this can be a difficult process for the client, it is key to uncovering the root cause or factors associated with the substance use disorder, which can then be remedied via therapy.

Alcohol and drug rehab facility in Los Angeles will primarily involve the use of individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment modality that offers excellent results in a short-term (3-12 month) period.  The weekly CBT sessions allow the therapist to help the client identify certain irrational thought patterns that result in the self-destructive drug-seeking behaviors that only reinforce the distorted thinking.  Once identified, the counselor will help the client develop positive thought and behavior patterns that promote a healthier self-image and more constructive actions.

Drug and Alcohol Education and Classes

CBT is a core treatment modality, but to further reinforce a sober lifestyle, ongoing education offered by an IOP is also important to the recovery process.  Most IOPs offer an array of classes for clients to attend each week.  The program seeks to provide a well-rounded approach to addiction recovery, covering all the significant issues that may be contributing factors.  As clients progress in the classes they learn new ways to cope with a variety of issues that may still impact their lives, increasing their success in recovery.  The classes may include:

  • Family systems. By addressing unhealthy or dysfunctional family relationships, clients acquire new tools to deal with family members in a more productive manner, including communication techniques.
  • Anger management. Anger may be at the root of issues related to the substance abuse.  These classes teach methods that help diffuse the anger and make more productive behavioral choices when provoked.
  • Many families and loved ones inadvertently become part of the disease of addiction by succumbing to codependency with the person battling drug or alcohol addiction.  Learning how to identify codependency and change the dynamic is a key issue in recovery. 
  • Relapse prevention. Preventing relapse into drug or alcohol use is a central part of the treatment and aftercare in recovery.  Defining triggers—people, places, and situations—and making a detailed relapse prevention plan is critical.

Honey Recovery Center Offers a High Quality Rehab Facility in Los Angeles

Honey Recovery Center is an addiction treatment program that offers drug and alcohol outpatient treatment programs for adults, males and females. Detox and sober living resources are also available for those who need additional help.  Honey Recovery Center helps those in the Los Angeles communities of Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, and many other communities. Call Admissions at (844) 472-1777

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Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone, Substance Abuse Counseling is an Effective Recovery Tool

The process of getting clean and sober requires a team effort.  No one has the ability to successfully achieve a lasting recovery without the help and support of therapy.  Substance abuse counseling in Los Angeles entails trained counselors that provide both group and individual therapy sessions in a therapeutic setting.

There is no way to overstate the importance of therapy in the context of substance abuse treatment.  Helping an individual new in recovery attain fresh insights into the disordered thoughts and behaviors that fueled the addiction is key to lasting recovery.  In addition, self-discovery through counseling can help understand the various factors at the root of the substance use disorder.

What to Expect in Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles

The role of the addiction counselor is a multi-faceted one; they are to be both an ally and a guide along the path to recovery, as well as a teacher and facilitator.  During a counseling session, the therapist will balance the time between directing the discussion and allowing the client, or clients in a group setting, self-direct the flow of conversation and dialogue.  Your counselor should be non-judgmental and promote a sense of collaboration between themselves and the participants.

Because most people who battle drug or alcohol addiction already have feelings of guilt and shame, a good counselor will not add to those feelings with harsh criticism of addictive behaviors.  The goals in counseling should be to modify destructive behavior patterns, to dissolve relationships with former friends and acquaintances who are active in addiction, to form a solid relapse prevention plan, and problem-solving strategies for managing stress and disappointment.  An effective substance abuse counselor will encourage and motivate the participants to want to achieve a sober lifestyle.

Why Group Therapy is Effective in Substance Abuse Treatment

Participating in group therapy can be a powerful tool in addiction treatment.  Being in the presence of others who are suffering from chemical dependency provides a sense of camaraderie, a sort of bonding around the common goal of beating the addiction and reclaiming one’s life.  In group substance abuse counseling Los Angeles, a social support system is forged that leads to cheering each other on, and calling each other out when necessary.

Because the group counseling setting is a safe and supportive environment, participants feel free to speak openly and honestly about past experiences, their emotions, and their fears as they relate to the substance abuse.  They can also offer each other tips on relapse prevention strategies, and with the counselor’s guidance, establish a solid relapse prevention plan.

What makes group work so effective is the way the participants bounce things off each other.  One may be sharing a struggle with the group, and another may recognize the same struggle in their own life.  Together, with the therapist’s guidance, they can help each other find a resolution that will reinforce sobriety versus inaction threatening it.

Honey Recovery Provides Effective Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles

Honey Recovery Center is an intensive outpatient treatment center (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP located in West Los Angeles, California.  Our trained and licensed therapists are dedicated to leading each client toward a deeper knowledge and awareness of the causes of their substance use disorder, and then offering tools to reshape thoughts and responses to these trigger points.  Honey Recovery Center serves a wide swath of the West Los Angeles region, including Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Century City, Westwood, Culver City, West Hollywood, the Wilshire district, and surrounding areas.  For more information about our Substance Abuse Counseling Los Angeles, IOP, or detox and sober living resources, please call us today at (844) 472-1777